MVM230 LCD Monitor--Brand New Desktop Display Solution

MVM230 is a high-performance 23" professional LCD monitor that supports high quality quad split displays. It is a brand new desktop display solution tailored to meet the extensive needs of the TV stations, like program production, intensive downloading/uploading, channel branding, studio and centralized monitoring.

MVM230 LCD monitor uses IPS hard panel at resolution of 1920x1080 with LED backlight. 178° viewing angle and excellent brightness as well as contrast ratio are achieved. The product adopts advanced 10-bit digital processing technology and has 3D comb filter and de-interlacing, precise scaling engine, GAMMA correction and color temperature adjustment functions, to realize the best possible image display.

Each display screen of the MVM230 is an independent monitor, and its parameters like GAMMA, color temperature, brightness, contrast, etc. can be separately adjusted.
The product supports 1ch HDMI/DVI-D signal input and 4ch 3G/HD/SD-SDI/Composite signal input. A maximum of 4ch signal inputs can be simultaneously displayed, and the display modes include one full screen, one big screen with three small screens, and four uniform size screens. Each screen can achieve the display functions of professional monitor, such as waveform/vectorscope monitor (occupy one independent screen), audio de-embedding, audio monitoring, audio meter display, time code display, UMD, various Markers, and more.

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