Support for HD Broadcast and Multiview Monitoring

Osee exhibited brand-new HD broadcast system peripheral equipment as well as lighter and more versatile LCD monitors in CCBN 2011. Our independently developed HD multiviewer and HD broadcast monitoring products greatly impressed the visiting guests.

The HMV160 HD multiviewer built on module structure features flexible configuration and one chassis can be equipped with many multi-image systems. The 1RU chassis supports maximum 4ch inputs and 1ch output, the 3RU chassis supports maximum 64ch inputs and 32ch outputs. The HMV160 supports input formats like composite analog video, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, and output formats such as VGA, DVI and HDMI are also supported. This product also provides embedded audio, analog audio monitoring function, and can display multiple audio windows. In addition, it supports LTC time code input, GPIO port with flexible setup, as well as audio/video real-time monitoring and alarm functions.

RMS/RMD series new rack mount LCD monitor is versatile, compact and space saving, which is great for professional control, post production and portable use. One single display of the monitor integrates UMD, audio meter, video and time displaying functions. It also supports embedded audio stereo monitoring. RMS/RMD series supports HD/SD inputs, composite analog and serial digital signals.

According to the market director Duan Weiwei, OSEE multiviewer, analog/digital channel branding products, virtual studio and cable TV front-end equipment have earned large market shares in China. The digital channel branding systems are extensively used in provincial TV stations. The multiviewer had been used by CCTV to broadcast Athens Olympic Games. More than 70% provincial and municipal TV stations are using our logo generators. The virtual studio chroma keyers are increasingly used in domestic projects.

OSEE is an experienced manufacturer of broadcasting system, studio system, audio and video monitoring equipment. Our company not only focuses on independent product development, but also takes into consideration the requirements of international clients to promote Chinese broadcast technology in the global market. After years of efforts, we have taken root in the international market steadily.

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