Osee's Development as the Professional Monitor Manufacturer

Osee has been engaged in the development and production of professional monitors since 2006. To date, our company has introduced many series of products to the market. RMS/RMD series small size rackmount LCD monitors are now extensively used in many countries and regions around the globe.

In addition to small size products, we also develop several other series of 15"-23" monitors, like LMW series, MVM series, and BCM series, so as to better meet the demands of the market. The LMW series is an economic and functional multi-format LCD monitor. The MVM series is a professional LCD monitor that supports quad split displays, and the parameters of each display can be independently adjusted.

The BCM series is newly developed this year, which covers 17", 21.5" and 23" monitors. The color processing improvement enables this series to accurately reproduce a natural color and thus makes it a preferred choice for color critical work environments. In addition, the BCM series adopts high performance 10-BIT IPS panel and provides picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture features. Moreover, the waveform displayed content is also upgraded. As a result, BCM series monitor is a high cost-performance product.

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